INMAS, Delhi develops ‘combat drugs’ to reduce casualties in Pulwama type attacks

To reduce casualties in Pulwama type attacks & warefare, the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) has developed a range of ‘combat casualty drugs’ that can extend the golden hour till the trooper is shifted to hospital. INMAS is a medical laboratory of DRDO. The spectrum includes bleeding wound sealants, super absorptive dressings, and glycerated salines, all of which can save lives in the event of warfare in a jungle and high altitude areas as well as in terror attacks. According to developers of the drugs, chances of survival and minimum disability are highest when effective first aid care is given within the golden hour. Among the drugs developed is glycerated saline, a battlefield intravenous fluid that does not freeze till -18 degrees Celsius and is useful in handling trauma cases in high altitude areas. Glycerated saline has life saving capacities as it gives more time to the medical personnel to shift the wounded patient to a higher care facility. INMAS has also developed a special medicated dressing material which is 200 times more absorptive than normal dressings during bleeding wounds. They have also developed a chitosan gel which helps in preventing blood loss by forming a film over the wound.

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