India- UK conduct Counter Ransomware Exercise

Recently India’s National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) and the British Government in collaboration with BAE Systems successfully conducted a virtual ransomware drill for 26 countries to prepare for a large, widespread cyber attack.


The theme of the exercise is “Energy Sector” which aims to enable national cyber crisis management teams belonging to CRI affiliates to tackle ransomware attacks on multiple power distribution companies.

Key Points

  • The exercise was part of the International Counter Ransomware Initiative (CRI)-Resilience Working Group led by the National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator (NCSC) in India.
  • The objective of conducting this virtual cyber exercise is to detect and address a large, widespread cyber security incident affecting institutions operating within a country.
  • The exercise is designed to support CRI’s mission, and is intended to allow participating CRI members to test their abilities to respond to a major ransomware incident at multiple power distribution companies.
  • It also mentions the benefits of sharing and collaborating during such a major cyber attack.
  • Such exercises also provide opportunities for CRI countries to share their perspectives on tackling ransomware.

National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC)

It is an operational cyber security and e-surveillance agency in India which is intended to screen communication metadata and co-ordinate intelligence gathering activities of other agencies. It generates situational awareness about potential and existing cyber security threats and enables timely sharing of information for proactive, preventive and protective actions by individual entities.
National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC) under National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) coordinates with different agencies at the national level for cyber security matters.



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