India Mobile Congress

India Mobile Congress is the largest mobile technology event in South Asia. It is organized by Department of Telecommunications along with Cellular Operation Association of India (COAI). This year the event is being conducted between October 14, 2019 and October 16, 2019.

The Congress brings together Government entities, industries and other ecosystem players. It acts as a common platform to discuss and display the latest technology in the world. Apart from being the largest digital technology event, it is also the largest networking event in India.

Highlights of the event

During the event exhibition and conferences are organized. It also presents most recognized awards in the technology industry, especially in digital technology.

Objectives of the event

  • The event is organized to promote start-ups, innovators and enterprises
  • It also promotes local manufacturing
  • It drives in investments
  • The event acts as a platform to spread knowledge about the ongoing research and development in the field
  • It enhances international regional cooperation in the South and South east region.


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