Green Field Expressway Project

The Government of India recently agreed to convert the Delhi-Amristar-Katra Expressway into a green field project. The highway will connect five historic towns in the state of Punjab. They include Goindwal Sahib, Sultanpur Lodhi, Khadoor Sahib and Tarn Taran.

What is the issue?

On the complaints of the locals over the project failing to connect religious towns, the Chief Minister of Punjab raised issue with the centre. The original proposal was to widen the existing roads as brown field projects.

Brown Field Projects

Brown field projects are those projects that are modified or upgraded.

Green Field Projects

The Green Field projects are those projects where a new production or service is being facilitated.

Current Scenario

India is currently working towards becoming a 5 trillion USD economy. In order to achieve this, the GoI has launched a series of infrastructure projects under the National Infrastructure Pipeline. The NIP is to include both brown field and green field projects at an estimated cost of Rs 1 billion each.


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