Government to promulgate Enemy Property Ordinance for fifth time

Government has approved enemy property ordinance for fifth time. The ordinance will be sent to the President for re-promulgation. The amendment to the Enemy Property Act, 1968 has been passed in the Lok Sabha. It has been referred to the Parliamentary select committee by the Rajya Sabha.

The government decided to amend the law after Raja M A M Khan approached the Supreme Court to reclaim his property. The amendment could not be passed in Rajya Sabha as many lawmakers objected to it, calling it an anti-people legislation. The government moved amendments to the 1968 Act after Uttar Pradesh’s Raja M A M Khan approached the Supreme Court to reclaim his property. The government could not pass the amendment in Rajya Sabha as many lawmakers labelled it as an anti-people legislation.

The Enemy Property Act, 1968 is related to the properties that were left behind by those who migrated to Pakistan at the time of Independence and after. The government enacted this act to get control of such properties spread in various states (maximum Uttar Pradesh). The act barred the Indian citizens who claimed to be the legal and rightful heirs of the original owners from inheriting those properties.

All enemy properties in the country are within the control of Custodian of Enemy Property for India based in Mumbai. Ordinances are promulgated by President under Article 123 of the constitution.

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