GoI: Scientific Services by CSIR to mitigate COVID-19

The CSIR-CERCRI (Central Electrochemical Research Institute) has come out with scientific services to mitigate COVID-19. The Centre has made series of lab made PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).


India is currently on the line of facing shortage of PPEs. In order to address this issue, the centre has come up with hand wash, disinfectant solutions and hand sanitizers. The solutions are packed in containers are distributed to organizations free of cost. So far 350 litres of hand sanitizers and 1000 litres disinfectant solutions have been sent.

Apart from this, the centre also provides digital training to women in rural areas to make face masks. It is also conducting talks with several industries to transfer the technology used in production of hand sanitizers, disinfectant solutions. This will help in mass production.

The Centre prepares PPEs according to the standards set up WHO

WHO standard

According to WHO standard, the hand sanitizer should contain 75% of Iso-Propanol, 1.45% of Glycerol, 0.125% of Hydrogen Peroxide and a natural ingredient like lemon grass oil for fragrance.


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