GoI launches Saksham, a mega campaign on fuel conservation

The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) operating under Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas will launch fuel conservation campaign on January 16, 2020.


The campaign will create awareness among public about fuel conservation. PCRA has been conducting Saksham campaigns in different parts of the country. This year, the campaign will create awareness about the following

  • PCRA has developed energy efficient burners for gas stoves.
  • It will provide messages on “Pollution ka Solution”.
  • In collaboration with NCERT, PCRA has prepared a comic book on the theme, “Fuel Conservation”. The books are to be distributed at the campaigns. The books are also available in E-Pathshala.

Previous Achievements of PCRA campaigns

The most successful Saksha campaign of PCRA was recently conducted on switching off of engines at red light in traffic signals. This helped to reduce fuel losses by 22% before and after the campaign.


PCRA is engaged in promotion of energy efficient programmes in different sectors of the country. It sponsors R&D activities to develop fuel efficient equipment. The major aim of the agency is to make oil conservation a national movement.

PCRA is a Government think tank that proposes strategies and policies on petroleum conservation and environment protection. This is to reduce the country’s dependence on oil.


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