GK & Current Affairs Quiz: June 07, 2018


Who will head the group to study the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Policy of India?

[A] Ajay Pandey
[B] Neel Raheja
[C] Baba Kalyani
[D] Anita Arjundas

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On which committee’s recommendations, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will set up Public Credit Registry (PCR) to check loan defaults?

[A] Viral Acharya committee
[B] YM Deosthalee committee
[C] Anita Gandhi committee
[D] K S Jain committee

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The Fuego volcano has recently erupted in which country?

[A] Mexico
[B] Egypt
[C] Taiwan
[D] Guatemala

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What is the current repo rate in the second bi-monthly monetary policy review of RBI for FY19?

[A] 6.25%
[B] 6.50%
[C] 6.00%
[D] 6.75%

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Which city hosted the National Consultation on Accelerating Implementation of Tobacco Control Measures for achievement of Goals under National Health Policy 2017?

[A] Gorakhpur
[B] New Delhi
[C] Jhabua
[D] Udaipur

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The Union government has recently given final clearance to Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP). The project will built across which river?

[A] Godavari River
[B] Kaveri River
[C] Narmada River
[D] Krishna River

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Who will be honoured with the IIFA Lifetime Achievement award at the 19th edition of International Indian Film Academy (IIFA-2018)?

[A] Dharmendra
[B] Shatrughan Sinha
[C] Anupam Kher
[D] Jeetendra

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Narayan Prasad Singh, who passed away recently, was the renowned lyricist of which state?

[A] Jharkhand
[B] Bihar
[C] West Bengal
[D] Odisha

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Which country hosted the 11th edition of Geo Intelligence Asia 2018?

[A] Nepal
[B] Vietnam
[C] Malaysia
[D] India

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The Mitti Dam is located in which state?

[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Rajasthan
[C] Gujarat
[D] Uttar Pradesh

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