GK & Current Affairs Questions: September 26, 2013

1. Name the Indian environmentalist, who has been conferred this year’s prestigious “Clinton Global Citizen Awards”?
[A]Ullas Karanth
[B]Medha Patkar
[C]Bunker Roy
[D]Ila Bhat

Bunker Roy
Indian environmentalist Bunker Roy and Pakistan’s teenage education activist Malala Yousafai were declared the winner of prestigious “Clinton Global Citizens Award”. Roy is the founder of the Barefoot College, which has been providing solutions to problem in rural communities for more than 40 years.

2. Recently (September, 2013), China has decided to ban the export of several weapon-related technologies to which country?
[B]South Korea
[C]Sri Lanka
[D]North Korea

North Korea
China has banned the export to North Korea of several weapon-related technologies which could be used in the development of nuclear weapons. It said the move would help implement UN resolution on North Korea, and would be effective immediately.

3. Who among the followings has won 2013 Women’s Table Tennis World Cup?
[A]Wu Yang
[B]Liu Shiwen
[C]Feng Tianwei
[D]Jiang Huajan

Liu Shiwen
Chinese Liu Shiwen won women’s table tennis world cup after defeating teammate Wu Yang in four sets. She defeated Wu Yang 11-3, 11-7, 11-7, 11-2.

4. Which country is the largest producer of Greenhouse gases in the world?

China is the largest producer of Greenhouse gases in the world.

5. What is the name of Australia’s most powerful super computer which is unveiled recently?

Australia unveiled its most powerful computer Raijin named after the Japanese God of thunder and rain. Raijin is considered the 27th most powerful computer in the world.

6. Who among the following has been appointed as CEO of PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa region?
[A]Abhinav Gupta
[B]Sanjay Singh
[C]Sanjeev Chadha
[D]Nanda Kishore

Sanjeev Chadha
PepsiCo has promoted Indian born Sanjeev Chadha to the position of Chief Executive Officer of its Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region operations, spanning across 90 countries.

7. Recently (September, 2013), RBI has decided to allow all types of companies to avail of trade credit not exceeding _____ million up to a maximum period of five years for import of capital goods. Fill the blank with correct option?

Relaxing norms to raise funds from abroad, the RBI has said all types of companies can now avail themselves of trade credit facility from overseas for import of capital goods. It has been decided to allow companies in all sectors to avail of trade credit not exceeding $20 million up to a maximum period of five years for import of capital goods.

8. Which one of the followings is not a computer operating system?
[D]Jelly bean

Jelly bean

9. As per the latest report, which of the following are the most advanced states in India?
[A]Goa and Karnataka
[B]Haryana and Kerala
[C]Kerala and Goa
[D]Kerala and Andhra Pradesh

Kerala and Goa
The Raghuram Ranjan panel report on “Special category” criteria for providing additional assistance to poorer states, ranked Goa and Kerala as the most advanced state and Odisha and Bihar least developed states.

10. Recently (September, 2013), which of the following social network has launched emergency alert system which could be useful in natural disasters or other emergencies?

Twitter launched a system for emergency alters which can help spread critical information when other lines of communications are down. The alerts could be useful in natural disasters or other emergencies when traditional channel may be overloaded or unavailable.

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