GK & Current Affairs: June 24, 2014

1. Recently, which among the following Indian Airliners has joined global airline body Star Alliance?
[A]Air India
[D]Jet Airways

Air India
National carrier Air India joined global airline body Star Alliance, a move expected to give a boost to the loss making carrier’s revenue and international presence. The formal induction will take place next month, most probably on July 11.

2. Which among the following is world’s largest international maritime exercise?
[C]Valiant Shield
[D]Team Spirit

The RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) is the world’s largest international maritime exercise, provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s ocean. RIMPAC 2014 is the 24th exercise in the series, which began in 1971. Twenty-three nations will participate in the biennial exercise scheduled June 26 to Aug 1.

3. The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) in India is an independent office comes under the purview of ____?
[A]Planning Commission
[B]Finance Commission
[C]Home Ministry
[D]Prime Minister Office

Planning Commission
The IEO is an independent office attached to the planning commission, under a governing board chaired by the Commission’s deputy chairman. The IEO, modelled on the lines of Mexico’s National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy, it is mandated to suggest radical changes in the government’s social sector initiatives, as well as in its interface with the private sector through public-private partnership projects.

4. Recently, the government of India has extended the ban on imports of milk and its products from China for one more year till 2015. The ban has imposed due to presence of _____?
[C]Magnesium Sulphate

The government of India has extended the ban on imports of milk and milk products from China for one more year till June 2015. India had first imposed the ban in September 2008 due to presence of melamine, used for making plastics and fertiliser.

5. Which among the following Parts of Indian constitution deals with the Special Provisions relating to certain classes?
[A]Part XV
[B]Part XVI
[C]Part XIV
[D]Part XIII

Part XVI
Part XVI of the constitution of India establishes that certain castes and tribe shall be represented in the Lok Sabha in proportion to their population that is, if the specified caste makes up 20% of the population in a given province’s members of Lok Sabha must be of that caste.

6. Recently, NASA’s curiosity rover has completed one whole Martian year on the Red planet. The Martian year refers to the length of time for Mars to complete one orbit around the Sun and is about __ Earth solar days?


7. The Ancient Pyu Cities, which inscribed on World Heritage Sites recently, is in which country?


8. Who among the following has become the first Indian to win three medals in successive ISSF Shooting World Cup?
[A]P N Prakash
[B]Jitu Rai
[C]Saurav Rai
[D]Prashant Jain

Jitu Rai
India’s Jitu Rai has won historic gold medal in the men’s air pistol event at the ISSF World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia. Earlier he has won silver medal in the free pistol competition. Jitu, thus, become the first Indian shooter to have won two medals in a World Cup.

9. Which among the following sites of India have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, recently?
1.The Great Himalayan National Park
2.Rani-ki-Vava, Gujarat
3.The Kangra valley railway
4. Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka
Chose the correct answer from codes given below:
[A]Only 1 & 2
[B]Only 2 & 3
[C]Only 3 & 4
[D]Only 1 & 4

Only 1 & 2

10. The theme of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2014 is ___?
[A]Land Belongs to the Future – Let’s Climate Proof It
[B]Land Degradation – Let’s join hand together to prevent it
[C]Combating land degradation for sustainable agriculture
[D]Desertification and Climate Change – One Global Challenge

Land Belongs to the Future – Let’s Climate Proof It
The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is a UN observance each June 17. It purposes is to highlight ways to prevent desertification and recover from drought. “Land Belongs to the Future – Let’s Climate Proof It” is the annual theme of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2014.

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