GK & Current Affairs: February 12, 2015

1. India based Ricky Kej has won the Grammy Award for his album ___?
[A]Morning Phase
[C]The Winds of Samsar
[D]In The Lonely Hour
Answer: Winds of Samsar
Bengaluru-based musician Ricky Kej has won the best new age album trophy for his album Winds of Samsara at the 57th Grammy Awards.Ricky Kej shares the award with Wouter Kellerman, a well-known flautist from Africa.
2. Mount Stromboli, which is one of the active volcanoes in the world, is in which country?
Answer: Italy
Mt Stromboli is an active volcano located in Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy. It is known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”.
3. Which among the following has been listed in “Top 10 Nightlife Cities” in the world published by National Geography?
[A]New Delhi
Answer: Goa
Goa has been positioned sixth in the list of top 10 nightlife cities in the world by National Geographic. Dublin in Ireland ranked first in the list, followed by Belgrade in Serbia, La Paz in Bolivia, Sao Paulo in Brazil, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Goa in India, Ibiza in Spain, Houston in Texas, Thessaloniki in Greece and Baku in Azerbaijan.
4. Rui Araujo, has been chosen as the new prime minister of ____?
[A]East Timor
[B]West Indies
Answer: East Timor
Rui Araujo, has been elected as new prime minister of the East Timor. Rui Araujo is the former health minister of Timor. He will replaces Timor’s independence hero Xanana Gusmao, who stepped down recently, to allow for a younger generation to lead the country.
5. Michael Raupach, who passed away recently, was a renowned climate scientist from which country?
Answer: Australia
Michael Raupach was an Australian famous climate scientist. He was the inaugural co-chairman of the Global Carbon Project, an international project studying the natural and human influences on the global carbon cycle. He was also a contributing author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report.
6. The continent which has higher ratio of coast to landmass is ____?
Answer: Europe
Europe has higher ratio of coast to landmass than any other continent or subcontinent
7. Which among the following was the busiest international city pair for travel to and from India during 2014?
Answer: Mumbai-Dubai
The Mumbai-Dubai sector emerged as the busiest international city pair for travel to and from India in 2014. With as many as 17.5 lakh people flying between these two cities. It was followed by Delhi and Dubai sector which saw 13.6 lakh people flying in this route.
8. World’s first robot-staffed hotel is set to open in ______?
[D]North Korea
Answer: Japan
A robot-staffed hotel is set to open in Japan in July. The hotel will be called Henn-na Hotel, and first robot staffed hotel in world. The hotel will be partially staffed by what are termed ‘actroid’ androids – remarkably human-like robots who will be able to greet, carry luggage to rooms, make cups of coffee –and even smile. Where guests checking into the futuristic facility will be greeted and served by remarkably human-like robots.
9. The G-20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting was recently concluded in _____?
[A]Istanbul, Turkey
[B]Saint Petersburg, Russia
[C]Seoul, South Korea
[D]Toronto, Canada
Answer: Istanbul, Turkey
The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey. During the meeting G20 nations have pledged to improve business environment to promote growth and strengthen transparency to prevent cross border tax evasion. India was represented by Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha and RBI governor Raghuram Ranjan at the meeting.
10. The Chambal River does not flow through which one of the following states?
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Gujarat
The Chambal River is a tributary of the Yamuna River. The river flows north-northeast through Madhya Pradesh, running for a time through Rajasthan, then forming the boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh before turning southeast to join the Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh state.

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