GK & Current Affairs: August 13, 14, 2014

1. What is the age limit for the athletes participating in the Youth Olympic Games?
[A]14 to 20
[B]15 to 22
[C]14 to 18
[D]16 to 25

14 to 18
The Youth Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event organised by the International Olympic Committee. The age limitation of the athletes is 14 to 18.

2. The “Tsongmo or Changu” lake is located in ___?
[A]Jammu and Kashmir
[C]Himachal Pradesh

Changu Lake is a glacial lake in the East Sikkim, located around 40 kilometres away from capital Gangtok at elevation of 3,780 m.

3. On 14 August, 2014, which among the following World’s Greatest Project has turned 100 years of construction?
[A]Suez Canal
[B]Nicaragua Canal
[C]Panama Canal
[D]Hudson Dam

Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is a 77.1 kilometre ship canal in Panama that connects Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The canal was officially opened on August 15, 1914. One of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken, Panama Canal shortcut greatly reduced the ships to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

4. Which among the following countries is the venue for the Youth Olympic Games-2014?
[A]South Korea

The 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games is the second summer Youth Olympic Games, an international sports, due to be held from 16 to 28 August 2014 in Nanjing, China.

5. Which one of the following cities has been chosen as ad hoc capital of Andhra Pradesh?

The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to have an ad hoc capital at Vijayawada until the needed infrastructure and other projects for the new capital are completed.

6. In which of the following states, India’s first “Skill Development” centre has been inaugurated, recently (August 2014)?
[B]Madhya Pradesh

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has inaugurated country’s first skill development centre in Jaipur. The centre which has been set up under the “Livelihood Skill Project” aims to provide job oriented training programmes to the state’s unemployed youth.

7. Recently (August 2014), which among the following software firm has pledged Rs 100 crore toward financing hygienic sanitation facilitation for girl students across 10,000 schools?

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), country’s largest software service provider has pledged Rs 100 crore toward financing hygiene sanitation facilitation for girl students across 10,000 schools. TCS will earmark a budget of Rs 100 crore to be spent on this initiative, which will help children, especially girl students, to participate in school education for a longer period of time and play a longer economic role in their communities.

8. The “Ulchi Freedom Guardian” is an annual military drill between United States and ____?
[A]South Korea

South Korea
Ulchi-Freedom Guardian is the name of the military exercise between United States and South Korea. The exercise is the world’s largest computerized command and control implementation which mainly focuses on defending South Korea from a North Korea attack.

9. As per the latest (2014) report, India ranked fifth among top ten wind power producers in the world. As per the report world’s top four wind power producing countries are ___?
[A]China, Brazil, Germany and France
[B]China, US, Brazil and Canada
[C]US, China, Brazil and Canada
[D]China, Brazil, US and Canada

China, US, Brazil and Canada

10. Which among the following companies developed the world’s first smartphone “Simon” which celebrated its 20 years since the device was first released?


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