France “Vaccine Pass”

The French Government recently approved a bill on Health Pass. The pass is a stricter COVID-19 vaccine pass.

What does the bill say?

  • Under the bill, people more than 12 years of age should prove that they have been vaccinated to enter cultural venues, restaurants, bars or other public transport.
  • Earlier a COVID negative test was sufficient to access public places in France.
  • The pass is to be produced in public transport as well.

Same as 2G rules of Germany

The French Vaccine Pass is very much similar to the 2G rules of Germany. Vaccinated and recovered persons in Germany are referred to as 2G. Only 2G persons can access theatres, swimming pool, museums, hairdressing, beauty salons, dance studios, fitness centres, etc.

Scenario in Italy

The Italian Government has made COVID-19 vaccines compulsory for those aged above 50 years. They will have to face sanctions if they fail to stick to the rules.

Heath Pass in European Union

The European countries were using health pass to travel across borders. The health pass was provided to those (a) who were fully vaccinated, (b) to those who showed proof of negative COVID-19 test, (c) who had recovered from COVID-19. The COVID-19 recovery provides immunity for three months. The recovered patients should be vaccinated after that. For the travellers, EU has opened the option of EU Digital COVID Certificate. The health pass in digital format is the EU Digital COVID certificate. It can be obtained free of cost, in national language, comes with QR code and is valid in all the EU Countries.

Vaccines being made compulsory

The COVID vaccine is being made compulsory in many countries. This culture mainly developed after the upturn of Delta variant. The countries are Austria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Micronesia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Greece, Malaysia, Russia, etc. In India such measures are yet to come in.



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