France to unveil new strategy in Africa

French President Emmanuel Macron recently unveiled a new economic and military strategy for Africa. According to the new strategy, the French Government is to reduce its troops in the African region. Dropping the military approach, France is to boost its economic influence in the region. France refers to the change as the beginning of a “New Era”. France is to bring in a new security partnership. However, France will not close its military bases. Rather, the bases are to be utilized based on the needs of the African partners.


Africa is the new “field of competition”. The eyes of developed and developing economies are on the African region. The region is of interest to investors for its rich oil resources, mineral deposits, and also agricultural potential. But France is still in its age-old style of military dominance while China and the USA have already in the race to capture African markets.

Recent Africa-France relations

  • French troops left Mali and Burkina Faso.
  • French has been helping the Islamic extremists in the Sahel region
  • France is to extend its cooperation with Kenya and Ghana
  • French companies are increasing their investments in the African region

The French President is touring Africa to increase investments in the region



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