First Blow Away Galaxy discovered

The astrophysicists from the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics have discovered the first blow away galaxy using the “Gemini Telescope”. The galaxy has been named as Pox 186.

Puzzles solved by the discovery

The Universe was in an ionised state when it was formed after the Big Bang. In this state, the electrons and protons moved freely and combined to form atoms and the water vapor condensed into clouds.

The scientists have observed that the Universe is back in its ionised state. Till now, the scientists were unable to find out how this happened. The discovery of blow away galaxy has solved this.

About Blow Away Galaxy

  • According to the scientists, the energy for reionisation must come from the galaxies themselves. However, it is hard for the light energy to escape a galaxy as the hydrogen clouds absorb the light. This is almost similar to that of the earth atmosphere absorbing sunlight.
  • The Blow away state means that the hydrogen clouds have been removed. This allows light to escape.
  • The Blow away state may be was caused by dying stars, super novas.

Blow Away Galaxy in simple Terms

The star formation is similar to that of blowing a balloon. If the star formation was intense, then there will be a rupture or hole made in the surface of the balloon. This happens to let out some energy. However, in case of Blow Away Galaxy, the star formation was so powerful that the balloon was torn into pieces.

Gemini Telescope

It is an astronomical observatory that consists of two telescopes namely Gemini North and Gemini South. They are located in Hawaii and Chile respectively.

These telescopes are the largest and most advanced optical telescopes available to the astronomers.


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