European Project linking Black sea, North Sea and Baltic Sea criticized by Environmental Organization

The Danube-Oder-Elbe canal intends to connect the three rivers Danube, Oder and Elbe. This is to provide an alternate route of navigation from Black sea to Baltic and North seas. However, several concerns are being raised by the environmental organizations against the construction of the canal.


According to the activists, the project violates European Union Environmental conservative directives. the major project is to cost at least 23 billion Euros. The activists want the project to be excluded from EU funding. They also do not want the project to be included in the Trans-European Transport Network.

What are the concerns?

In order to complete the project, several hundred artificial waterways have to be built. As the canal is being construct for ship navigation, more than 70 locks have to be built that will accelerate flood waves. The riverbeds need to be deepened for the ships to navigate. This will increase risks of flooding. The canal will also destruct habitat of several plants and animals. It will make endangered animal and plant species to go extinct.


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