EC asks Political Parties to Comply with SC s order on Electoral Bonds

In an interim order given by the Supreme Court (SC) in response to petitions filed by the NGO Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) challenging the electoral bond scheme, the political parties were asked to furnish the details of receipt through Electoral Bonds to the Election Commission (EC).

Interim Order of the Supreme Court?

  • Political parties were asked to disclose the details of the donations they have received through anonymous electoral bonds in sealed covers.
  • The details would be available with the Election Commission albeit in sealed envelopes until the court decides if they can be made public.

Concerns against the Electoral Bonds

  • One can purchase Electoral Bonds from a designated bank and deposit them in the accounts of any political party.
  • The lack of transparency led to fears of collusive corruption.
  • The petitioners argued in the case that anonymity opens up the possibility of black money being donated to parties through shell companies and empowers the ruling party, which alone is in a position to identify the donors.
  • This asymmetry in the favour of the ruling party may discourage donations to other parties giving undue advantage to political parties.

Since no parties had complied with the orders of the Supreme Court, the Election Commission has sent out the remainder in this regard.

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