Earthquakes near Dams

The incidence of seismic activity near dams and the government’s preparations to tackle them were recently discussed in the Lok Sabha.

Reservoir-induced Seismicity

It is a type of induced seismicity- a phenomenon of earthquake triggered by large dams. When the dams are constructed in a region, filling up of water increases the pressure on the area while draining the water decreases the pressure. This fluctuation in pressure causes stress on the tectonic plates underneath the surface. This could result in earthquakes.

Central Dam Safety Organisation

The Central Dam Safety Organisation was established in May 1979 in light of the increasing number of dams being constructed across the country. It is operated by the Central Water Commission under the Ministry of Jal Shakti. It is concerned with the regular inspection of the dams for assessing their safety.

National Centre for Seismology

National Centre for Seismology is a research and monitoring centre under the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences. It is mainly involved in earthquake surveillance across the country. Apart from providing monitoring services, it also assesses earthquake risks and hazards. It monitors earthquake activity 24X7 across the country.

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