Dwijing Festival begins at Chirang district of Assam

An annual river festival, Dwijing Festival has begun on 27th December on the bank of River Aie at Chirang district. It is the third edition of the festival. The festival was inaugurated by the Public Health Engineering Minister of Assam, Rihon Daimary. About 15 lakh tourists are expected to participate in the festival.

Dwijing Festival

Dwijing Festival is an annual river festival celebrated in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD) region of Assam with various colorful events viz. ethnic trade and food festival, exhibition, games & sports, river campaign & adventure and various culture programs to make it a centre of attraction for the visitors as a New Year Festival.
The festival provides a platform of earning for the people in the region by putting in to focus the business activities for the better economy generation through rural tourism. The festival also aims to provide help to the flood victim families through charity generation and distribution.

River Aie (Mother)

River “Mother” originates from the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan and flows through the Chirang and Bongaigaon districts of Assam before joining the river Brahmaputra. The River Aie is the lifeline of the region as about 30000 families in the region are dependent on the river for their daily livelihoods through Crops, Fishing, Stone & Sand Collection and many other activities.
The River creates a massive attraction for many tourists (locals/visiting) for picnic and weekend activities during the winter season and in summer the river creates massive damages to both the sideways due to heavy rainfall resulting in loss of properties and lives of many families. Hagrama Bridge which is located on this river is a centre of attraction.


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