DRDO Mobile COVID-19 Testing Lab inaugurated by Defence Minister

On April 24, 2020, Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh inaugurated mobile COVID-19 testing laboratory facility. The facility is capable of testing 1000 samples in a day.


The Mobile Virology Research and Diagnostics Laboratory (MVRDL) was developed by DRDO in association with the ESIC Hospital in Hyderabad. The laboratory was set up in 15 days and is of Bio Safety level 2 and Bio Safety level 3. It has been built complying ICMR and WHO Bio Safety Standards.

What are Bio-Safety Levels?

There are four Bio-Safety Levels (BSL) followed in Indian Standards. They comply to WHO guidelines. They are BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3 and BSL-4.

Bio-Safety Level 1

The BSL-1 laboratories are used to study infectious agents, toxins. They do not require special equipment or design features.

Bio-Safety Level 2

The BSL-2 laboratories study moderately infectious agents. These laboratories should include hand washing sinks, doors that close automatically and lock in case of accidents and eye washing stations.

Bio-Safety Level 3

The BSL-3 laboratories should hold controlled and directional air flow. They should have equipment to decontaminate laboratory waste, incinerators based on the biological risk assessment.

Bio-Safety Level 4

The BSL-4 laboratories are those that pose high risks of aerosol transmitted infections. These examine life threatening infections for which no vaccines are available. Significant training is required to access these laboratories.


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