Daily Current Affairs Quiz: May 04, 2021

1. Which organisation has released the ‘Global Forest Goals Report 2021’?

[A] World Bank

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2. The SDRF contribution is released in two equal instalments to the states, as per the recommendation of ………?

[A] Planning Commission
[B] Finance Commission
[C] NITI Aayog
[D] Supreme Court of India

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3. Litani river and Qaraoun lake, which were making news recently, are located in which country?

[A] Laos
[B] Lebanon
[C] Iran
[D] Israel

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4. As per the recent SEBI Guidelines, ……….. % salary of top executives be paid in mutual fund units?

[A] 10
[B] 20
[C] 25
[D] 50

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5. Which type of mummy was discovered for the first time in the Warsaw Mummy Project?

[A] Amputee Mummy
[B] Pregnant Mummy
[C] Transgender Mummy
[D] New Born Mummy

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