Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 3-4, 2023

1. Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), that was recently in news, was established by which of these two organizations?

[B] FAO and WHO
[D] World Bank and IMF

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2. What was the theme of World AIDS Day 2023?

[A] Bridges of Understanding
[B] Harmony in Healing
[C] Let Communities Lead
[D] Community for Healing

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3. What is the causative agent of white lung’ syndrome that was recently making news?

[A] Virus
[B] Bacteria
[C] Protozoa
[D] Fungi

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4. Which of the following is not a correct statement about Iyothee Thass Pandithar, whose statue was unveiled recently in Chennai?

[A] He founded Dravida Mahajana Sabha in 1891
[B] He launched a magazine Dravida Pandian
[C] He was a Vaidya / Ayurvedic practitioner
[D] All the above are correct statements

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5. What is the common term used for false scarcity claims, confirm-shaming, forced bundling and subscription traps used in online; and recently banned in India?

[A] Astroturfing
[B] Gaslighting
[C] Dark Patterns
[D] Sockpuppetry

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