Daily Current Affairs Quiz: April 01, 2021

1. Which is the only country other than India to pass the miscarriages bereavement leave law?

[A] Switzerland
[B] Norway
[C] New Zealand
[D] Germany

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2. Which country is set to gift nearly 2 lakh doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the UN Peace keepers?

[A] China
[B] Russia
[C] India
[D] UK

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3. Which institution releases the annual flagship report “World Economic Outlook”?

[A] World Bank
[B] Asian Development Bank
[C] International Monetary Fund
[D] United Nations Development Program

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4. Who is the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) of India, whose term has been extended?

[A] B P Kanungo
[B] K Vijay Raghavan
[C] N S Viswanathan
[D] R Gandhi

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5. What is ‘Ever Given’, that was making news recently?

[A] Covid Vaccine Candidate
[B] Cargo Ship
[C] Cruise missile
[D] UN resolution

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