United Nations: Consensus Resolution for equitable access to future vaccines

On April 21, 2020, the United Nations adopted a consensus resolution. The resolution called for equitable, efficient and timey access to future vaccines developed to fight against COVID-19.


The resolution was drafted by Mexico and is supported by the US. It strengthens the scientific international cooperation that is essential to combat COVID-19. Also, the resolution highlights the leading role played by the World Health Organization that has been facing criticism from the US. The US stopped its funding to the WHO accusing the organization to be China-centric.


With the world running on competitive spirit and countries fighting trade wars, the resolution will help the vaccines reach COVID-19 patients all over the world. It will also help to prevent business gains in reaching the vaccines to the patients.

United Nations Resolution

In order to pass a resolution, the United Nations requires simple majority (more than 50% of all votes). When the issue considered for voting is of great importance, then two-third majority is required.




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