UNGA declares 2023 as “International Year of Millets”

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has declared the year 2023 as “International Year of Millets”. The resolution to declare the year was sponsored by India. The resolution was adopted by consensus and the support of over 70 nations out of 193.


This news was shared by the India’s Permanent Representative to US Ambassador, TS Tirumurti. He highlighted that, this is a big step that will promote the ecological and nutritional benefits of millets across the world. The millets will now be promoted as a key component of food basket and effective policy change. The ambassador also expressed his gratitude towards all the co-sponsors of India’s resolution specially the countries like Bangladesh, Senegal, Nepal, Russia and Nigeria besides the members of United Nations.

About International Year of Millets

The India-sponsored resolution declared the year 2023 as International Year of Millets. With the adoption, the day now invites the United Nations, members of the united nations and other world organisations to observe the year through several activities with the objective of raising awareness and directing policy attention regarding the health & other nutritional benefits of using millets. These activities should also be highlighting the suitability of millets for cultivation even under the adverse climatic conditions.

About the India’s resolution

India sponsored the resolution to observe the Millet year considering the need of advocating a diversified, balanced, diversified and healthy diets by increasing the consumption and sustainable production of the millets. Also recognises the diversity of millets and their adaptive nature.


The UN General Assembly has proclaimed the “UN Decade of action on Nutrition from 2016 to 2025” in the month of April 2016.  This proclamation recognises the need of eradicating hunger and preventing all the forms of malnutrition from the world. This proclamation provides an integrated flatforms to a wide group who are working in collaboration to tackle the nutrition issues. In the backdrop of this resolution, India proposed the resolution on an International year of Millets which promotes the sustainable food systems.




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