UN Security Council adopts Resolution on Safety and Security of Peace Keepers, First of its Kind

On March 31, 2020, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2518 to ensure safety and security of peacekeepers. This is the first time, a resolution is being passed for the safety of the peacekeepers.


The resolution was initiated and sponsored by China. It was co-sponsored by 43 countries including Pakistan, Iran, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, etc. Today there are more than 95,000 peacekeepers operating in around 13 missions all over the world.

The resolution of safety of peacekeepers comes in a time when the United Nations is marking 75th anniversary. This is a crucial year for the organization to implement “Action for Peace”.

Action for Peace

The Action for Peace initiative was launched by the United Nations to help countries address challenges such as elusive political issues, protracted conflicts, dangerous environments, broad and complex mandates, etc. The initiative will focus on targeted mandates, support political solutions.




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