Sudan: Omar al-Bashir probed over huge sums of money found at home

The deposed Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been probed by the public prosecutor of Sudan on the fresh charges of money laundering as huge sums of money have been found at his home. As per the reports, the military intelligence had conducted a search at the home of the President al-Bashir and was able to find suitcases carrying over $351,000  and $6.75 million in addition to five million Sudanese pounds.

In a quick action, the Chief prosecutor ordered immediate detention of the former President and also ordered that he should be thoroughly questioned before he is put for trial. It is learnt that the former President will be questioned by the public prosecutor in the Kobar prison. The relatives of the President did not make any comments on the series of events which had unfolded and taken everyone by surprise.

Former President al-Bashir is already on the look-out by the International Criminal Court over his alleged role in the genocide which happened in the western part of the country in the Darfur region. Al-Bashir had been removed from power on April 11 by the military after people had been protesting for months for bringing an end to his rule.

The family of the al-Bashir stated that he had been moved from the Presidential palace to the Kobar prison in Khartoum, which is under heavy security. Omar al-Bashir during his Presidency had many times brought up his humble beginnings when he was a child and was born to a poor family of a farmer in a small village of Hosh Bannaga. He used to state that they would live in houses made of mud on the eastern banks of river Nile lying around 150 km towards the north of the capital city of Khartoum.

The protests against al-Bashir had been led by the Sudanese Professionals Association the SPA and it has called for holding the President and also his administration members responsible on accounts of corruption and cronyism. They also accused them of the worsened form of an economic crisis which happened during the rule of al-Bashir. The head of the ruling military council has passed orders for the Central Bank for reviewing any kind of financial transfers which have happened since April 1 for the seizure of all the suspect funds as per the state news agency SUNA.

The calls by the people to hand over the power to a transitional civilian government have been largely rejected by the council which has ordered the suspension of ownership transfer of any shares till any further notice about any large or suspect transfers of shares or even companies comes to fore.



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