Puducherry Body Starts ‘Let’s Save Our Native Birds’ Project

In a combined effort to bring back the native birds, Puducherry-based Indigenous Biodiversity Foundation (IBF) in association with The Living Earth has started ‘Let’s Save Our Native Birds’ project in order to offer an alternate habitat for the birds by distributing customized nest boxes at areas once frequented by these birds.

The Living Earth is a sustainable and responsible organization for the conservation of the local biodiversity. The IBF started another project to conserve the population of the House Sparrow a couple of years ago. That program is also successfully running in the state and to replicate that feat again, the new program has been launched.

The customized nest boxes – pipe-shaped for barbets, outdoor tree box with access panels for Barn Owls and open-fronted boxes for robins are made from recycled wood rejected or not used by the industry bodies in the states. These boxes have been priced at Rs 450 to Rs 1700 and a percentage of this amount will be dedicated to planting a native tree species that the birds generally infest.

Why this Project?

The main objective of the project is to bring back the birds that were seen in these areas even a couple of years ago but have migrated since then for various reasons. The population of such birds has decreased somehow or else they have been confined to only a few selected areas.

According to the IBF, rampant urbanization is the root cause of displacement of several species. The native species have co-existed with us and it is very important that we conserve them for the future as well.

This project is going to help in creating awareness and will also bring communities as the local heroes of conservation. One of the major intentions of this program is to educate the people to co-exist with the biodiversity around us. The Living Erath will support the activities of IBF to boost the population of the native species in the state.




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