Pakistan’s civilian govt completes 5-year term for the first time

It was a historic milestone for the people of Pakistan as its Lower House — the National Assembly — and Pakistan People’s Party-led coalition government both completed a full 5-year term. This is a first such achievement in the 66-years of the nation’s existence. The National Assembly was dissolved late at night. With the dissolution, the current government is to step down, creating path for a caretaker set-up.
Elections are expected by mid-May, making them the first elections followed by a democratic transition ever under civilian watch in Pakistan.
There is impasse b/w the government and the opposition over who will be the caretaker Premier.
What does the Constitution of Pakistan say?
As per Article 224 of the Constitution, both sides have 3 days after the Assembly’s dissolution to come to an agreement, failing which the matter will automatically go to the 8-member parliamentary committee. If the committee also fails to reach a consensus, it will be up to the Election Commission to select a caretaker Prime Minister.



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