Pakistan recognizes Kosovo as an Independent State

  • Pakistan became another country to officially recognize Kosovo as an independent state.
  • Kosovo had declared its independence from Serbia in 2008.
  • With this Pakistan became the 98th sovereign state among 193 UN-member states to recognize Kosovo.
  • In September 2012, Kosovo declared full independence after the western powers supervising Kosovo declared the end of their supervision.


Source: Google Maps

About Kosovo

Kosovo is a south east European country located b/w Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Its capital is Prishtina. The population of Kosovo is more than 2 million. It is a democratic, multi-ethnic and secular Republic.
In ancient times, Kosovo was at the centre stage of European history. However, later, new world powers came up and nations of south east Europe shaped the future of Europe.
Kosovo was left behind as the least developed part of Yugoslavia with high unemployment and unequal opportunities for Kosovar Albanians. This, along with nationalistic policies that fragmented Yugoslavia, culminated in the Kosovo – Serbia war of 1997-1999.



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