NDMC launches QR-enabled fridge magnets for digital payment of bills

New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has launched quick response (QR)-enabled fridge magnets for digital payment of bills. The magnets are personalised and each customer will have unique QR Code mapped to their consumer account number. It is powered by SignCatch – an IT and services company,.

QR-enabled fridge magnets

There will be separate magnets provided by the NDMC to its consumers’ doorstep for both electricity and water bills. Consumers can stick these magnets on their refrigerators at home and use their smartphones to scan QR Code on magnet to pay their bills instantly. The QR Code will redirect consumers to their current bill with option to pay using any of digital payment channels active with NDMC like credit/debit cards, net banking, wallet, and UPI. The move will reduce collection costs and expedite revenue realisation. Moreover, these magnets will be extremely useful in cases where a consumer misplaces the pending paper bills.

Quick Response (QR) code

It is a two-dimensional (matrix) machine-readable bar code made up of black and white square. This code can be read by the camera of a smartphone. It is used for storing URLs or other information that link directly to text, emails websites phone numbers. It is capable of 360 degrees (omni-directional), high speed reading.
It can store up to 7089 digits as compared to conventional bar codes which can store max 20 digits. It encodes same amount of data in one-tenth the space of a traditional bar code. It carries information both horizontally and vertically. It has error correction capability and data stored in it can be restored even if it is partially damaged or dirty.



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