National Marine Turtle Action Plan Launched

The Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has released ‘Marine Mega Fauna Stranding Guidelines’ and ‘National Marine Turtle Action Plan’ recently to create a conservation paradigm for the marine mega fauna and marine turtles.


  • The documents were released containing the ways and means to promote the inter-sectoral action for conservation.
  • The documents also suggest for improving the coordination amongst the government, civil society and all relevant stakeholders so as to response to the cases of stranding, injury or mortality of marine mammals.
  • It also suggests coordinated efforts for the conservation of marine turtles.
  • The documents contain the actions that are required to handle the stranded animals on shore.
  • It will also look after the stranded or entangled animals in the sea or on a boat.
  • It comprises of the management actions for improved coordination, rehabilitation of degraded habitats, reducing threats to marine species habitats, advance scientific research, enhancing people’s participation and exchange of information on marine mammals & marine turtles.

What was the need of action plan?

  • India has a rich marine biodiversity along its coastline of over 7,500 km. It comprises of sharks, whale sharks, colorful fish, dolphins, turtles, big mammals such as whales and dugongs.
  • The bright corals marine habitats harbor the diverse species and provide various resources essential for human wellbeing.
  • Millions of people depend on these resources. The resources range from the maritime trade & transport, mineral resource, food, cultural traditions, spiritual values & inspiration. All these resources also attract tourists from across the world.
  • Thus, India needs to conserve the marine resources to meet the demands and increasing people’s participation.

Challenges faced by Marine Resources

The marine resources and habitats have immense economic, ecological and cultural values in India. But, the marine mega fauna species and marine turtles face a wide variety of challenges. The challenges include stranding and entanglement.




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