India’s Nex-Gen Hypersonic Missiles: DRDO begins manufacturing

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) begins manufacturing of hypersonic missiles. These missiles are five times faster than the speed of sound. DRDO is set to operate a wind tunnel to test and fine tune the technology


There is a race across the globe to possess hypersonic weapons technology. The US, Russia and China have already been testing the technology to improve their strategic nuclear deterrence and strengthen their front-line combat units. China had demonstrated that it has the technology. Other countries like US and Russia have been silent about it.

Hypersonic Weapons

The Hypersonic weapons are capable of carrying conventional and nuclear payloads at extreme speeds. This technology increases the survival against modern ballistic missile defence system. Though, the existing ballistic missile systems deliver loads at extremely high speeds, the hypersonic glided vehicles make tracking and interception impossible.




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