IndiaRAP assessment launched to rate highways on safety features

India Road Assessment Programme (IndiaRAP) was unveiled by Global Charity to rate highways’ safety levels and to eliminate the most unsafe roads. It aims to make Indian roads safer and curb fatalities.
Since 2010, teams from global organisation have already undertaken star rating assessments on more than 10,000 km of roads across several states in India.

Key Facts

The IndiaRAP programme is supported by FedEx Express and will be hosted by Asian Institute of Transport Development. It will work with government agencies as well as investors, researchers and NGOs to assess existing highways and promote use of better design to make roads safer.
The IndiaRAP ratings will range from five-star roads (safest) to one-star roads (least safe). The ratings are assigned on the basis of level of safety which is ‘built-in’ to a road for vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.



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