India Germany sign Agreements

Around 17 agreements were signed between India and Germany in the fields of agriculture, ayurveda, yoga, maritime technology and others. German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with her team, signed the agreements with PM Modi and his cabinet. The German team led by the Chancellor is on a two-day visit to India.

Highlights: Artificial Intelligence

  • Agreements were signed to strengthen the fields of Artificial Intelligence. The countries are to use the AI to focus on Health, Environment, Mobility and Agriculture.
  • The DST (Department of Science and Technology) and the German Federal Ministry of Education will organize a bilateral workshop in Berlin in 2020. This will help to identify areas of mutual interest.
  • The first stakeholder meeting in the area of AI for health was conducted in Berlin and the countries agreed to conduct the next meeting in India.
  • The countries will focus AI in Agriculture in following terms
    • The aim is to increase efficiency and to save resources, reduce food loses and waste
    • Both the ministries will establish open training data sets for AI application that will also address legal issues.

Highlights: Digital Transformation

  • The countries recalled the Joint Declaration in the field of Digitization-Empowerment and Economic Impact that was signed in May 2017 in Berlin.
  • The countries are to set up “Digital Experts Group” to identify areas of mutual cooperation and give recommendations to future policy.
  • The countries agreed to create linkages between German Platform Industries 4.0 and upcoming CII Smart Manufacturing Platform
  • They also agreed to consult each other in identifying best possible approaches on cyber security




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