Government substantially increases fellowship amount to research scholars

The Central Government has substantially increased the amount it pays to over 70,000 research scholars.

 Details of changes in benefits

  • The new fellowships will be effective retrospectively from October 1.
  • Science students undertaking PhD and post-doctoral studies will not only receive better stipend but also other facilities like house rent allowance and medical benefits from the government.
  • Junior research fellowship has been enhanced to Rs 25,000 from Rs 16,000
  • Senior research fellowship has been increased to Rs 28,000 from Rs 18,000
  • Fellowship for post doctoral studies has been increased from Rs 22,000 to Rs 36,000 (for research associate-1), from Rs 23,000 to Rs 38,000 (research associate-2) and from Rs 24,000 to Rs 40,000 (research associate-3). [Research associate 1 and 2 are generally for one year, while research associate-3 can continue to work till they get a position in a research institute]

Financial outgo

The additional financial outgo for the Centre on account of the changes will be Rs 750 crore annually and has been approved by the Finance Ministry. Currently, the Centre spends Rs 1,663 cr annually on the fellowships

Protests and Demonstrations

Several protests and demonstrations by students and researchers were held in academic institutes across India, asking the government to raise the fellowship amounts and show its support to the study of the sciences. While most of the demands of the protestors have been met with, one of their demands for an inflation-linked annual increase has not been met with.
The last pay revision for research scholars was in 2010.



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