February 20: Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh celebrate their Statehood Day

On February 20, the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram are celebrating their statehood day. Statehood day marks the day of formation of the states. Arunachal Pradesh became a state on 20th February 1987. And Mizoram that was a part of Assam was formed on 20th February 1987.


Mizoram became a state with the implementation of North-Eastern Reorganization Act, 1972. Mizoram being a mountainous region was a district of Assam till 1972. It was the 23rd state to be formed in India.

In 1891, the region was annexed by the British. During British rule, the Lushai hills region was under Assam and the southern half with Bengal. These two regions were united in 1898.

After the Reorganization act, 1972, Mizoram became a Union Territory. Later, in 1986, a historic MoU was signed between the GoI and the Mizo National Front and Mizoram became a state in 1987.

Arunachal Pradesh

In 1972, the state was called the North-East Frontier Agency. Later in 1975, an elected Legislative Assembly was constituted. After the Reorganization act, 1972, Arunachal Pradesh remained as a Union Territory. It became a state in 1987.




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