Arun Jaitley’s insensitive avatar disappoints many

Arun Jaitley who is taking care of two important portfolios in Indian government suddenly shot to headlines for his mindless comment on the horrific gang-rape which had ripped apart every Indian soul, calling it a small incident as against the price the country has paid in terms of loss of tourism.
The minister was then seen defending himself behind the veil that he had not referred to any specific incident but had generally mentioned about the increasing incidents of rapes in India have defamed India as an unsafe place for women which has affected our tourism industry very badly.
The comment has sent another set of shock-waves in the nation especially after a very moving and touching speech being made by PM Narendra Modi on the Independence Day where he had specifically stated that increasing incidents of rapes in the country are both a cause of concern and shame. The reactions from various political parties, women organizations and the parents of the victim who has been named, “Nirbhaya”, for her heroism are extremely angry and sorry about the way things and perceptions of people change after they come to power.
Mr.Jaitley, has also regretted about his unintentional speech and use of words which have according to him being just misunderstood. He stated that he is very much moved by such incidents and have always been a defending champion of women rights. He clarified that he did not mean to highlight any particular incident and there is no question of trivializing any crime or any particular incident. I had not referred to any particular incident.
The increase in number of rapes in India is a sad social situation which needs to be curbed by strong and efficient law enforcement alongwith a typical household level change of mindsets. There is no reason whatsoever, which is strong enough which should lead a man to hurt and violate a fellow woman. The government needs to come down strong on such crimes and treat them much more sensitively and not equate them to any monetary loss. Such statements however unintentional can cause immense pain to the families of girls who had to go through such a horrid experience. There is no bigger asset than human life which is lost at the hands of such tragic incidents.



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