Amazon to explore health tracking industry

World’s most customer-centric company Inc. founded by Zeff Bezos recently launched a wearable fitness gadget called the Halo Band. The company is entering the health wearable market for health monitoring devices which is already dominated by Apple Inc. and Fitbit Inc.

About the band

Unlike others, the Halo band uses artificial intelligence software to monitor a range of personal wellness metrics, from physical activity to sleep and even mood. In addition to this, the band also possess 3D scans for body fat and voice-tone detection to analyze the emotion of the user. 3D scan and emotion analyzer are the major talks of the town if successful the company will be one of its own kind. The user can track all his metric in an app wherein he will connect his accounts to third-party programs to further monitor weight and health.


With nearly all the major companies like Apple, Fitbit, Google, Samsung already in the market there’s already very tough competition in the health gadget market which is predicted to rise up to $52 billion in terms of sales by 2020. However, Amazon with a huge customer base has an edge over others. Amazon got into gadget business with its e-readers called Kindle for more than a decade. Followed by Echo smart speakers and Fire TV streaming devices the company is among the largest sellers of consumer electronics in the U.S. market today. The company has a great interest in expanding the domain of Alexa, the voice software that powers the Echo.




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