China’s largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan

China has started its largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan, in the aftermath of visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Chinese media is tagging the exercise as rehearsal for ‘reunification process’. The drill is underway across six zones across Taiwan. China’s navy, air force and other departments are taking part in the drill.

Highlights of the drill:

  • During the combat exercises, China selected 6 major areas across Taiwan.
  • During this period, all ships and aircraft have not been allowed to enter relevant sea areas and airspace.
  • In response, Taiwan has also alerted its military and has staged multiple civil defence drills.
  • Apart from this, USA has also placed several naval assets across the conflict zone.

Reason for the recent conflict:

China’s largest drill started in the aftermath of visit of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan. Her visit was scheduled after ignoring Chinese threats and warning of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Pelosi’s visit is the highest-level visit by American officials to Taiwan, in 25 years. But China had problem with the visit, as it indicates US’s support for Taiwan’s independence.  China is of the view that, Taiwan is a part of its ‘One China Policy’. On the other hand, US maintains a strategic ambiguity on the matter.



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