China discussed weaponizing COVID

A Chinese document written in 2015 states that SARS virus shall be used as a “New Era of Genetic Weapons”. The virus can be artificially manipulated into a human virus disease, then weaponized and unleashed (released from restraint). This was first brought out in Australia.

The title of the Chinese document was “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New species of Man-Made Virus as Bioweapons”.

What does the paper say?

The paper reveals that the Chinese Military scientists were discussing weaponization of SARS virus five years before COVID-19 pandemic. The paper also says that the world war three shall be fought with biological weapons.

Authenticity of the documents

The document was authored by PLA researchers and scientists. The genesis of the document was located in the Chinese internet. The document has also been revealed in an upcoming book called “What really happened in Wuhan”.

International response

Countries such as Brazil, US, Australia have made strong statements against actions after the release of the report. The countries are furious that Chinese actions on COVID was merely based on economic benefits.

Origin of the Virus

China is being questioned over the handling of COVID-19 since it originated in Wuhan in 2019. Some believe that it originated in a market where wild animals are traded. Others believe that the virus leaked in a lab in Wuhan.

Lack of Transparency

China was not ready to allow the World Health Organisation to conduct investigations about the origin of COVID-19 virus. Only after international pressure did China allow WHO to make investigations to find out the origin.

Even after the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan in 2019, China was silent. It did not inform the WHO about disease. China also was not able to contain the disease.

China was also silent about the recent failure of Tianhe core module and its rocket Long March 5B falling in to the Indian Ocean. Though the mission failed, the details of the returning rocket and how and where will it fall was not disclosed.


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