BS Yediyurappa resigns as Karnataka chief minister

At a two-year celebration of his government, today Karnataka Chief Minister, BS Yediyurappa announced his resignation. This announcement ends the weeks of speculation floating around regarding calls for his removal by a BJP section in the state.


  • He will remain as caretaker Chief Minister of the state while his party decides on his replacement.
  • His resignation was being widely anticipated but he kept everyone guessing till the very last moment.
  • There was rising resentment against the Chief Minister and his son in the state.

Coming to power

BS Yediyurappa became the first Chief Minister in the south of the BJP. He came to power in the year 2019 after a dramatic coup after the Janata Dal Secular-Congress government crashed out after 17 of its members handed in their resignations. Most of those who had resigned later joined the BJP and even contested elections and many among them were even accommodated in the state’s cabinet.


Disgruntled BJP leaders of the state had continuously attacked BS Yediyurappa over allegations of corruption and also accused him of allowing his son Vijayendra interfere in the state’s government. The BJP put off a tough call in Karnataka for months as Yediyurappa was very important to the party’s rise in Karnataka.


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