Akash Weapon System and ₹8,161 Crore BDL Contract

Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) signed a contract worth ₹8,161 crore with the Ministry of Defence for the production and supply of Akash Weapon System (AWS) for two regiments of the Indian Army. This Hyderabad-based defence public sector unit is gearing up to meet the production demands of the weapon system, which will be completed within three years.

The Akash Weapon System

The Akash Weapon System (AWS) is a mobile, surface-to-air missile system designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The missile can target aircraft up to 30 km away and engage targets at an altitude of up to 18 km. The system has an advanced radar that can track multiple targets and can be launched from both tracked and wheeled platforms. The missile system has been inducted into the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

Counter Measure Dispensing System

In addition to the contract for the Akash Weapon System, BDL received an order worth ₹261 crore for Counter Measure Dispensing System (CMDS), which protects aircraft from missiles. This system deploys flares and chaffs to distract and decoy incoming missiles and has been installed on various aircraft in the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

Consolidated Order Book Position

BDL’s consolidated order book position has reached about ₹24,021 crore, which is a significant achievement for the company. BDL has received several orders this year to supply various systems, including Astra MK-I Air-to-Air Missile (AAM), associated equipment, and CMDS for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy.

Manufacturing Facilities

To meet the growing demand for missile systems, BDL has set up a warhead manufacturing facility at its Bhanur unit and a seeker manufacturing facility at its Kanchanbagh unit. These facilities have taken BDL to the coveted club of RF seeker manufacturer and tester.

Unveiled at DefExpo-2022 and Aero India-2023

During DefExpo-2022 and Aero India-2023, BDL unveiled several new products, including the vehicle-mounted Amogha III Anti-Tank Guided Missile (Sangramika), Light Support Vehicle-mounted Laser Beam Riding MANPAD (Sanharika), ATGM for MBT Arjun, Vertical Launch Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile (VL SRSAM), SAL Seeker ATGM for BMP II, and Drone Delivered Missile (JISHNU).

International Collaborations

BDL has signed Memorandums of Understanding with various international companies such as MBDA, France, for manufacturing Mistral Missiles; Dassault Aviation Pvt. Ltd. for integration of weapon systems like Astra and SAAW on Rafale fighter jet; Thales Belgium for setting up manufacturing facilities for Laser Guided Rocket and its major components; Barij Dynamics LLC (“AL TARIQ”), Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to identify and work on potential projects; Bultexpro Ltd., Bulgaria, for 122-mm GRAD BM ER and NON ER rockets in India.



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