GKToday Archives: January, 2011

Quiz 487: Current Awareness for All Examinations

1. Headquarters of “Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe” is located in? Paris Astana Vienna Auckland 2. The World Military Cup organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM) involves which among the following sports? Cricket Foot ball Volleyball ..

Quiz 486: GK Questions for All Exams

1. What is the number of Federal Reserve districts in United States of America? 10 12 15 17 2. Which among the following neighboring country sources its entire requirement of petrol, diesel and jet fuel from India? Bangladesh Nepal Maldives ..

Quiz 485: Current General Awareness Questions for All Examinations

1. The ancient Indian text Panchasiddhantika deals with the 5 principles of which among the following? Vedic Rituals Philosophy Astronomy Medicine 2. The name of Professor Guru Dutt Sondhi is known behind the foundation of which among the following? Olympic Association of India Asian ..

Quiz 484: General Knowledge Questions

1. Which among the following fulfilled the definition of a “Hermit Kingdom” once upon a time? France Korea Israel Nepal 2. Hirakud Dam, one of world’s longest earthen dams is located in which among the following states? Andhra Pradesh Odisha ..

Quiz 483: General Awareness Questionss

1. Which among the following does not correctly denote the country-currency pair? South Africa – Rand Ghana – Cedi Egypt – Dinar Sudan -Pound 2. Research In Motion Limited (RIM), the developers of BlackBerry is based on which of the following ..

Quiz 482- Current General Knowledge Questions For All Examinations

1. Which among the following is the most optimum place to source Geothermal Energy? Konkan coast Ladakh district Aravali hills Coromandal Coast 2. Pipavav in Gujarat is best known for which among the following? India’s first private port India’s First Greenfield ..