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Quiz 420: General Knowledge Questions For All Public Service Examinations

12345678910 1). What is the number of synthetic elements in periodic Table? 18 22 24 26 2). Buckeyballs are basically the allotropes of _________? Carbon Sulfur Phosphorus Calcium 3). Which among the following allotropes of Oxygen is found in 6 phases under various pressures and temperatures? Ozone Tetra oxygen Octaoxygen None of them 4). Ekaboron ..


Quiz 419: General Knoweldge For Public Services Examinations

12345678910 1). In which of the following current countries, the Srebrenica Massacre took place? Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Macedonia Slovenia 2). Which among the following is India’s highest salt producing state? Gujarat Rajasthan Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu 3). Kimberley Process” is related to which among the following ? Gold Diamonds Semi Precious Stones Aluminium 4). ..


Quiz 418 : General Studies for Civil Services Examinations

1.Which among the following city was originally planned as a replica of legendary city of Esfahan of Persia?(A)Hyderabad(B)Ahamadabad(C)Secundarabad(D)Aurangabad 2.Consider the following states: 1. Uttar Pradesh 2. Bihar 3. Rajasthan 4. West Bengal 5. Andhra Pradesh 3. How many states in the above group are having bicameral legislatures?(A)One(B)Two(C)Three(D)Four 4.Which among the following is the First University ..


Current Affairs August 2010: Quiz 7 for All Examinations

1.In the current international economic environment, we assume that an exporter is NOT converting his Dollar receivables into Rupees. In this context, please consider the following statements: The Exporter thinks that the current exchange rates are too low and the exchange risk may be very high if he goes for the conversion. The Exporter thinks ..


Current Affairs August 2010, Quiz 6

1.Who among the following Mathematicians was recently making news for his claim of solving the Pvs NP, one of the famous 7-mellennium problem?(A)Vinay Deolaliakr(B)D. Uday Kumar(C)Prof. P Trimurthy(D)Timothy Gowers 2.Which among the following is the bill, that significantly increases visa fees of H1-B and L1 categories, after US President Barack Obama signed it into law?(A)Wall ..


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