Women in India

February 16, 2016

Debate on injectable contraceptives for women in India

In December 2015, the Indian government has announced to introduce injectable contraceptives for women in the public health system and family welfare programme. The first phase will be implemented in medical colleges and district hospitals with family planning counsellors. But…


Budgeting the gender disparity

India ranks 114 out of 142 nations in the global gender gap index. The index signifies the gender disparity in the country and the gross inequality prevailed in a 3rd largest economy (in terms of PPP) of the world. The…


Plight of Widows in India

India is home to a traditional and patriarchal society, where the identity of women is determined by her husband even in the 21st century. Widowhood in such a society takes its worst shape. It is not only associated with losing…