GK & Current Affairs: April 21, 22, 2015


Which country in SAARC has the highest GDP (PPP) per capita ?
[A]Sri Lanka

Among the SAARC countries, Highest Per Capita GDP (PPP) is of Maldives as per World Economic Outlook Database, April 2015. It stands at 14,383 International Dollars as shown in below table. An international dollar would buy in the cited country a comparable amount of goods and services a U.S. dollar would buy in the United States. It is used in comparing the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) data of countries.


Which among the following is highest urbanized country?

The percentage of urbanisation is highest is Brazil. Brazil has 87 per cent of urbanisation. As per 2011 census urbanisation in India is 31 per cent while it is 45 per cent in China, 54 per cent in Indonesia and in the range of over 80 per cent in developed countries.


Under which project India is developing guided missile destroyers?
[A]Project 20B
[B]Project 15B
[C]Project 75B
[D]Project 40A

Project 15B
The Project 15B of Indian navy aims to develop stealth guided missile destroyers. Under the project Mazagon Dock Limited will construct four stealth guided missile destroyers. Project 15B destroyers will feature enhanced stealth characteristics as well as incorporating state of the art weaponry and sensors including the extended range Barak 8 surface-to- air missiles.


The Titanium sponge is an ideal material to produce?
[A]Aircraft manufacture
[B]Mobile phones
[C]Electronic items
[D]Automobiles making

Aircraft manufacture
Titanium sponge is known for its high strength but low weight, making it an ideal material for aircraft manufacture, including fighter aircraft besides it is used in nuclear plants, engine parts, ocean platforms, reactors, manufacture of dental implants and artificial bones.


Who has been awarded with Kalashree Award by the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation?
[A]Jaya Prada
[B]Jaya Bachchan
[C]Kareena Kapoor
[D]Shriya Saran

Jaya Prada
Actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada was awarded with Kalashree Award by the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation. She was chosen for the award for her contribution to the field of arts and entertainment. She has acted in over 200 films and also ventured into regional film industry like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.


Recently, the first meeting of BRICS environment ministers was held in ______?
[A]New Delhi

The first meeting of BRICS environment ministers was held in Moscow, Russia. During the meeting environment ministers of BRICS discussed the topic of green economy development and how the BRICS countries could cooperate in tackling the threat of climate change.


Who is the author of the novel “All the Light We Cannot See”?
[A]Anthony Doerr
[B]Laila Lalami
[C]Richard Ford
[D]Joyce Carol Oates

Anthony Doerr
American writer Anthony Doerr is the author of novel All the Light We Cannot See. It won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.


BRICS countries account for what fraction of global GDP?

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) five countries account for 26 per cent of the land area, 46 per cent of population and approximately 20% of the gross world product.


Christopher Alan Bayly, who passed away, recently was a famous___?

Christopher Alan Bayly was a virtuoso historian, perhaps the most gifted of his generation anywhere in the world. He was specialized in British Imperial, Indian and global history His work explained important continuities across time for instance, he showed links between Mughal, British and post-colonial styles of intelligence-gathering.


In which country Asia African Business Summit kicked off on 21 April 2015?
[A]Sri Lanka

The Asia African Business Summit was begun in Jakarta, Indonesia. The summit launched on the sidelines of the ongoing Asian-African conference. The Bandung spirit, enunciated at the first Asia-African Conference in 1955, emphasises promoting unity and cooperation among Asian and African nations.