World Vape Day to be observed on May 30

The World Vape Day is to be observed on May 30 all over the world. It aims to increase awareness on e-cigarettes and help smokers that are unable to quit smoking.

India will also observe World Vape Day on May 30


Vaping reduces smoking related sickness. The number of vapers in the world has increased from 7 million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018. The emissions from e-cigarettes are not different from ordinary air.

It is important to increase the awareness about vaping as there are more than 80,000 young people becoming addicted to tobacco according to World Health Organization.

About E-Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette is a battery-operated device. It converts liquid nicotine into mist, vapor.

The E-Cigarette users inhale just like a regular cigarette user. As the e-cigarette user inhales, the atomizer gets activated to heat the liquid nicotine into vapour. Thus, the vapour reaches the lungs as the user inhales and gives a smoking effect.

The smoke exhaled by the E-cigarette user is similar to that of the regular cigarette user. However, the smoke is harmless.

The liquid that is filled in the cartridge is ethylene glycol.


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