What test was laid down in the Lee Ting Sang v. Chung Chi-Keung case in regard to control.

[Law of Torts]- In Lee Ting Sang v. Chung Chi-Keung, the Privy Council held a casual worker on a building site to be an employee of the sub-contractor for whom he was working at the time he suffered an accident although it was found that he worked from time to time for other contractors. In holding so the Privy council approved the test laid down by Cooke J which is as follows: Control will no doubt always have to be considered, although it can no longer be regarded as the sole determining factors, which may be of importance, are such matters as whether the man performing the services provides his own equipment, whether he hires  his own helpers, what degree of responsibility for investment and management he has, and whether and how far he has an opportunity of profiting from sound management in performance of his task.”