Uttar Pradesh: 16-Digit Unicode To Identify Landholdings

The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced a system of issuing a unique 16-digit Unicode on February 7, 2020. This Unicode will be used to mark all kinds of landholdings in the state.

Unicode numbers

The Unicode numbers for the land would comprise of the16 digits. The first six digits is based on the population of the land. Next 4 digits in the line would determine the unique identity of the land. Digits from 11 to 14 would be the number of divisions of the land. Lastly, 2 digits would contain the details regarding the category. With the help of the last 2 digits, the category of the land viz. residential, agricultural and commercial land can be identified.

Significance of the Unicode number

  • With the introduction of the Unicode, every piece of land in the state will now have its own unique identity.
  • The Unicode would help in checking the cases of land disputes.
  • It would also people from falling into the trap of fraudsters.
  • Unicode will be issued by the revenue department of Uttar Pradesh government.
  • It would be issued for all kinds of agricultural, residential and commercial land.
  • With the help of the Unicode, a person will be able to know the details regarding the land with a single click.

Thus, the Unicode will end the fake registries of disputed land. For this, the scheme is being implemented in entire UP. The Unicode assessment for plots has started in all revenue villages. But, the work of marking the disputed plots in the computerised management system is still under process with the revenue courts.


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